Hi there and welcome to www.anthonyclarkonline.com, my little home on the interwebs.

This site originally started out as a bit of a business idea which never took off. These days you’ll find a collection of my photos, some random thoughts and other bits and pieces.

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Quite often you’ll find me out and about, well before the sun comes up, with my camera in hand and tripod under my arm. Photography is one of my passions. Check out my photo galleries here.


Let’s be honest. I’m no Shakespeare or Yeates. And this ain’t no New York Times or even the Daily Telegraph. A random collection of my thoughts on everyday things. Check out my blog here.


The world famous Cork Cam, live from our front and back yards in Sydney’s south. You may be able to see our Cocker Spaniel, Poppy, doing what she does best – eating, sleeping and destroying the joint.


Sydney is an incredible city, making it an incredible place to take photos. You’ll often find me out and about early in the morning taking happy snaps somewhere along the coast.

Over the years I’ve traveled far and wide across this great city and taken many hundreds, if not thousands of photos.

So I’ve collated by top ten list of Sydney photography locations.